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Car Servicing

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While an MOT will make sure your car is roadworthy, servicing it will make sure the car will last. There are a lot of things that can happen to a car within a year and if not taken care of they will lead to costly repairs and maybe a replacement of the whole vehicle. With Essex Street Garage Ltd in Eastwood, Nottingham, we promise to do a full service and...


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MOTs in Eastwood, Nottingham are a legal requirement. Every year, cars over three years old need to have a check to make sure they are roadworthy and meet the environmental standards set by the government. Without this test, your vehicle insurance will become invalid as your car may not be safe to be on the road. Essex Street Garage Ltd promises to offer ...

Car Repairs

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Essex Street Garage Ltd offers car repairs in Eastwood, Nottingham at an affordable price. We work with a number of suppliers to make sure we can fix your car to a high standard. It doesn't matter if it is an electrical fault, the exhaust has rusted or someone has crashed into the back of you. Call Essex Street Garage Ltd today for more information or a q...

Engine Diagnostics

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The engine is a complex machine. It can be working fine one minute (at least you think it is) and then it starts making strange noises and your car struggles to get up to speed. This isn't always because your car is old! It maybe because something is wrong with it and it needs an engine repair. Essex Street Garage Ltd in Eastwood, Nottingham offers a com...

MOT Repairs

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Your car needs an MOT on a yearly basis. The test checks for a number of issues that can make it unsafe or environmentally unfriendly, including the exhaust emissions and electronics. When a car fails its test, you will need to find MOT repairs in Eastwood, Nottingham offering a quick turnaround and a high quality service. At Essex Street Garage Ltd we wa...

Air Conditioning

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Vehicle air conditioning is important. It will help keep you cool on journeys in the summer but make sure your windscreen does not fog up in the winter months or when it's raining. There are times that the air conditioning unit stops working or becomes inefficient, which is where we can help. Essex Street Garage Ltd in Eastwood, Nottingham offers a full a...

Clutch Replacements

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When you need clutch repairs in Eastwood, Nottingham, look no further than Essex Street Garage Ltd. We offer a high quality clutch replacement service at affordable rates to get you back on the road in no time. We know how annoying and scary it is for your clutch to go but are here to help with all your needs. Our technicians are highly trained and will m...

Car Batteries

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Do you need replacement car batteries in Eastwood, Nottingham? You have come to the right place! There are many reasons a car battery fails. It could be that you've left your lights on or that it's just reaching the end of its life. It could be a different problem altogether that's accidentally affecting your battery, which is why we check car batteries on behalf o...

Engine Repair & Rebuilds

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A lot can happen to your car engine over the years and you may find that you need it to be repaired or rebuilt. When looking for engine repair and rebuild in Eastwood, Nottingham, you want to find a service that is affordable and will fix the problem straight away. At Essex Street Garage Ltd in Eastwood, Nottingham, we offer a quality service when it come...


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Every now and then your exhaust needs replacing. The harsh weather and salt on the road lead to the exhaust deteriorating and splitting. Unfortunately there's nothing that you can do to prevent this apart from buying quality exhausts. This is where Essex Street Garage Ltd in Eastwood, Nottingham will help you. Affordable Exhausts In Eastwood, No...


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Your brakes are among the most important parts of your car. Without them, you wouldn't be able to stop so it only makes sense that you have the best! There are many problems that can go wrong with this part of your vehicle and many reasons your brakes can stop working effectively. At Essex Street Garage Ltd in Eastwood, Nottingham, we want you to have the...

Gearbox Repairs

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There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with your vehicles gearbox. Sometimes it isn't quite the gearbox but your clutch that needs replacing; other times it is everything! When it comes to gearbox repairs in Eastwood, Nottingham, we do our best to offer you the best service at a reasonable price. Essex Street Garage Ltd is committed to offering a...

Cambelt Repairs

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Essex Street Garage Ltd carry out timing belt replacements and cambelt repairs in Eastwood, Nottingham and the surrounding local areas. Unlike the other mechanical components of your vehicle, cambelts are prone to natural “wear and tear” over prolonged mileage and / or periods of time. In the interests of safety and engine maintenance, it is vi...

Wheel Alignment

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In addition to car servicing and repairs, Essex Street Garage Ltd provides a wheel alignment service across all makes and models of car. Using the latest four wheel laser alignment equipment, our Eastwood, Nottingham technicians will ensure the wheels of your vehicle are correctly set to the optimum position as per the manufacturer’s specification. Wheel ali...

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